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Service Record

Everyone knows that VP Pence has sons in harms way in the middle east, serving honorably and not chasing tail and snorting coke, and taking Ukrainian money, right?

When asked about her resume, VP candidate Harris says that she has a solid record of government "service", and that Willie Brown will vouch for the quality of such "service." You can't make this stuff up!

In an unrelated tidbit of info, Biden was asked about why newspapers are not as thick as they used to be and Wise old Joe opined that "when they just print one side of the news, how effing thick do you expect a paper to be, Jack?"

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Veteran Advisor

Found the Post

probably a little jet lagged from seeing 20 points of interest in three days up at Duluth. I thought this post was entered on 8-13 but it is possible that it was on 8-12.

Of course with the Twilight zone here, I am not even sure where I live anymore. Guess I have a new school, too.

Next thing I will fall asleep from drinking too much in a redneck bar, and wake up in Nazi Germany.

Senior Contributor

can't wait

For commander bonespur to face captain asthma in the debates.  Doubt Vietnam will come up.

Veteran Advisor

Re: can't wait

well, like I said before...the American electorate has been pretty clear and consistent that they do not want anyone in the POTUS office that actually went to Vietnam.