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Service animals

This is a non political question but I would like to know. On news there was an article about a Great Dane service dog. I have a few questions. 

#1 Do you buy a seat for your service animal? 


#2 How many seats for a Great Dane? 


#3 We have a lady in a neighboring town who has a pony service animal. She takes it into stores etc. where it does what a horse does. Can a pony board an airplane? 


#4 What if I do not want your service animal next to me for allergies, slobbering, whatever, do I have any voice in the situation? 


#5 What can be a service animal? I was in Viet Nam and I dread snakes. Can a snake be a service animal?


#6 What is the difference between a companion animal and a service animal and my old dog Spot?