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Seymour Hersh

I'm finishing his memoirs, sort of the Forrest Gump of the generation- even if he was secondary in stuff like Watergate he was on the story.


I suppose he's regarded as a despicable Fake Newser here, owing to his  My Lai and Abu Ghraib stories. Even if all The Crew here are now all committed pacifists-and always have been!


Anyhow, one relatively small story struck me where he questioned the rationale for Clinton Tomahawking Baghdad in '94 in response to Saddam's conspiracy to assassinate GHWB in Kuwait. Although that "gettin' tough" deal marked the high point in WJC's popularity.


He laid out how the assassination story (cited by GWB and still a rationale for the still operative crime of the 21st century) was phony on all counts.


Interesting, though, of how he depicts the GHWB victory tour in Kuwait as a massive grift operation for various Bush family members and Baker on behalf of his major clients such as Enron (still plenty of oilfield work there).


Anyway, as he notes, family corruption was hardly anything new to the Kuwaitis.

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Re: Seymour Hersh

With all the big stories he had a part in he faced the most serious threats from Ford Chief of Staff Cheney over the CIA Family Jewels Story.


Deep State, all that stuff.


As Hersh tells it the very ambitious and hypocritical Chair of the Senate inquiry Frank Church was responsible for dropping the ball and the whole thing sorta gringing down into a fizzle.


In the criminal matter CIA Director Richard Helms plead nolo contendere and served no time.