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This black panther "field marshall Shabazz" worries me for some reason, I get the feeling this guy is gonna get some people killed, I am truly worried about a small conflict between race in this country, thought we were passed this, obvioulsy not. When I was in the army I was around some african americans in basic, felt bad for them for the most part they really struggled, and it was through no fault of their own, I can't put my finger on why it was hard for them,but it was. Wish we could get past this, just some random thoughts from an aging man.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Shabazz

Not to start a war but the race thing is a long way from dead.  You only have to watch how some of the blacks burr up when they feel they are being done over by someone.  It will be a long time before the US settles down on this one.  The old Deep South Attitude is alive and well, and on this site too.  Very Sad indeed.

Re: Shabazz

That reminded me of somehting that still makes me laugh.


Years ago I was working on a project with a number of people. One guy was a very smart and together black guy and there was a younger black guy who was a bit more into the black thing. Can't remember what the african occasion was but the young guy show up one day wearing some african looking stuff and the other guy stops and gives him a double take and says "whaddup, shabazz?"


Guess you had to be there.