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BA Deere
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Shania Twain, example why poll inaccuracy

Canadian Shania Twain said she would`ve voted for Donald Trump because he says things the way they are.  That is fine, she was asked and spoke honestly, just like 8 years prior many shallow celebrities openly supported the Kenyan Communist and later Hitlery.  However some of Shania`s snowflake fans freaked out and she had to walk back her words., when a hot little info-babe in a miniskirt sticks a microphone in your face and asks your opinion of President Trump, are you honest and face the psychopaths still sore about November 2016 or do you pull a "St Peter" and deny voting for Trump 3 times before the rooster crows?  


This is why these Five-Thirty Eight or whatever polls do not accurately measure public sentiment.  2 "wrong" but honest words can ruin careers, lose jobs, lose friends....honesty is indeed it`s own reward.

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Re: Shania Twain, example why poll inaccuracy

the newest incarnation of the "three blind mice", namely Boritz, Nutz, and Got-none, it is going to painful to watch their collective heads explode when Trump wins a second term and Project 538 is doing their know....we actually did predict a degree of uncertainty....we were saying it could happen...we were right all along...YES...WE NAILED it again!



Re: Shania Twain, example why poll inaccuracy

And the other side of it is seeing people that never engaged or outwardly expressed their political affinity ,now are and do.