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Senior Advisor

Re: Sharpie creativity

Sharpie-gate -- pretty much a petty, non-issue to people with any sense.

First, I actually saw a map on the news that labelled Alabama as Mississippi -- who was that idiot?

Second, I actually heard early comments or warnings that the hurricane could cross Florida and impact Georgia and Alabama.

And third, when you see severe thunderstorms and/or tornados on the weather maps in your area, they don't necessarily issue warnings more than a county or two away, and sometimes don't even draw out a track that far for the storm.  Don't you physically or mentally draw out a potential longer track and timeline so you know better what might be expected and when?  Then, if it looks like it's headed your way, you pay more attention as the storm approaches, peters out, or moves around you.  Similar concept to the hurricane situations, they're just on a larger scale, and potentially impact a much larger area and more people.