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Re: That is simply amazing!

Bug - the site Db and I used to make our little vidios which many claimed to enjoy was on Extranormal. You can purchase for $10 enough credits to make ten or fifteen of these little movies which we usually made, and were only 3 to 4 minutes long. You can choose your characters, their voices, and you get to put the words in their mouths by typing their words in a dialog box.  Lots of fun, if you have the time to do it.   Hope this helps get a view of those little videos on here.  I tried to do one a month.  


I am not familiar enough with the people on this site or its administrators to make movies yet.  But I do enjoy making movies regarding the USDA Comic Book (Crop Report).  If anyone is interested my little movie site has about ten movies I made over the years regarding the administration at Ag-Web, and larry, moe, and curley at USDA who prepare the monthly crop reports.


I think anyone on here could prepare small videos to be critical of events they find amusing.  I wish I could say I miss Ag-Web but I do not.  I know people here and have been on their farms or knew them before they moved here from Ag-Web.  I have already addressed the issues involved in my departure, and I will not recant anything I posted there.  Most of the events I posted were from personal experiences . . . even the envelope, with $5,000, a picture and an address through a slot in a door in Baton Rouge.  It is true, and it happened. 


My main problem with Ag-Web was the censors who struck out letters in words when points were attempting to be made, in addition a 10,000 character limitation, whereas here we have 20,000.  This is a much easier site to work on.  You get away from most of the personal animosity that led up to the big purge. lol. 


Anyway, If you like the stuff I post or discuss fine, I hope most do, but if you do not, just do not read it!  I personally know a few people here, the rest are unknowns, but with enough posting a person gets a feeling for who is here to help out and interested in a subject and those who just want to whine.   Pass the popcorn and get me another Corona.  Adios Amigos. John