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dairy mom
Senior Contributor

Re: Shinseki

Bruce you must not have known very many Viet Vets.  So very many of them did not handle what was thrown at them when they came home.  It was and is really really sad.

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Re: Shinseki

Wasn't Obama on the Veteran's committee, back in 2008, when he was still a Senator, when these problems were first coming to light?   Shouldn't he have been aware of some of the problems back then, especially since he specifically mentioned 'horrible conditions' at a couple VA hospitals?


Published Friday, July 04, 2008
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Presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday he thinks he has a chance to win North Dakota, despite the state’s long record of voting Republican.

The Illinois senator made his second visit to North Dakota in three months on Thursday, wowing a crowd of more than 1,300 at the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm in north Fargo.

Standing in a wooded yard with the barn-red museum behind him, Obama spoke for 17 minutes about veterans’ issues before taking questions from the crowd to fill out the hour.

Wearing a white shirt and red tie, Obama started his speech with a Fargo quip.

“It is fun to be in Fargo, although I have to say, it doesn’t look like it does in the movie,” he joked.

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On the day before the nation celebrates its independence, Obama thanked the 200 veterans in the crowd for their contributions and vowed to improve their services.

In the past eight years, the nation has fallen short of meeting veterans’ needs through the “horrible conditions” at Fort Bragg and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Obama said.

He criticized the “broken bureaucracy” of the Department of Veterans Affairs and that veterans live in cardboard boxes in the richest nation on earth.

“It does not have to be this way, not in this country,” he said.

Obama pledged to build a 21st-century VA system with electronic records and more veterans’ centers, particularly in rural areas. More also needs to be done to help veterans with mental health screenings and post-traumatic stress disorder, he said.

Re: Shinseki

I know/knew scores of them. High School and college mates. An uncle and 4 cousins. You may have taken what I meant wrong. I've attended a number of Agent Orange suspected cancer and neuro disorder funerals. I was talking about the dignity I saw in those men in spite of the things you may be referring to. Not many of us civvies face things in as dignified a manner as the vet does. JMHO.
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Re: Shinseki

Obama tries very hard to make it look like he is not in control of anything. Therefore, nothing will stick to him, he hopes. It is working because liberals are based on emotion. 

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Re: Shinseki

What amazes me, are how the broken promises don't seem to matter, so long as he expresses 'anger' or 'outrage' at some problem he promised to address, when nothing has improved.


gough whitlam
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Re: Shinseki

r3020 Veteran Advisor
May 22
schnurrbart wrote:
Do you REALLY think Obama told him to have the VA hospitals set things up to deny treatment to veterans so they would die? If you do, you are worse than a special kind of idiot!
This is how government care works. Resources lost to waste and fraud while the patients die in wait. There's no suprise here, it is to be expected.

You can't be stupid enough to believe Obama is virtually ordering their deaths by depriving them of care. But then again you have some weird beliefs before and god is on your side. Anything is possible.