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Ship Breaking

Are any of you familiar with the term?  I wasn`t, ship breaking is the scraping out of a worn out ship, when it`s no longer useful for hauling grain, taconite and fertilizer tugboats pull it from Duluth to Turkey to be scraped ...rrrrrrrip (needle being pulled across the record!) what, Turkey???   Why can`t they scrap it here, we have excavators, cutting torches and junkmen. 


I come across a video of a ship last summer being pulled to Turkey from Duluth to be scraped out.  Seems Turkey and only a few other developing countries with less environmental laws and cheap labor, also the yards are very secretive.  But, what is there to a ship, heavy sheet metal, you get a plasma cutter and a excavator would be handy and you cut it up like a old plow or cultivator.   But even if labor and environmental laws are cheap, how can they pull it to Turkey and then the scrap goes to China? 


 Ships are metal and go in the Great Lakes and oceans, can`t see what huge issues there would be.  There`s mercury switches on appliances and they have to be "demanufactured" but they can do that here.   Anyway, here`s a article you might find interesting.

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Re: Ship Breaking

Been going on for a long time.  Bangladesh is one of the worst places for it.

Many health issues for the workers but they do it because there isn't much else.






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Re: Ship Breaking

Thanks for the link Isc cat, it`s one of those things I`ve never thought about, what they do with old ships.  I`ll bet they give them away if Turkey or Bangladesh picks them up or maybe they even deliver them for free.  Sounds like the asbestos and other hazards make it nasty stuff to get rid of.  But that`s another cost of doing business and trade, send these ships to be scraped where the pollution is dumped in the ocean.  To depose of it responsibly would be too expensive ...but one day it`ll wash up on our shores and come back to us.