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Senior Advisor

Shipping and handling

Get you baby liver here for a mere 24K shipping and handling charge. Be careful doc that you don't crush too high or too low, a lot of money riding on this tiny persons liver.



The ad on the StemExpress website is bright, professional, and clear. Underneath a typical web menu, with links to standard features like “home,” “products & bioservices,” and “about stemexpress,” the ad appears, positioned next to the image of a bright, shining sun.


Fetal Liver – CD1133+Stem/Progenitor Cells



It’s a bright, sunny day at StemExpress!

And make no mistake about it.

Whatever the humanitarian goals of this company, it is a business nonetheless, as emphasized in the URL to the baby liver ad: (Make note of that word “shop,” positioned immediately next to “fetal-liver,” surely an unintentional reminder that organs of tiny babies, slaughtered in the womb, are being sold for profit – or is the $24,250 merely a shipping charge?)