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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Should Obama pardon Jonathan Pollard?

Apparently Pollard did some dirty spying against the US for Israel and has been cooling his heels in the klink for the last 30 years..he should`ve been executed, but that`s another story.  But, if 0bama turns him loose that could help the Palestinian "peace" talks.


I just have a real problem with all of this, Pollard spying and getting a pardon should have absolutely nothing to do with Middle East peace talks.  Israel is supposed to be our ally, I don`t know why they would`ve wanted our secrets and why would they give a hoot what happens to Pollard.  It`s like if a slimball tries to sell you naked pictures of your friend`s wife, why would you even be interested?

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Re: Should Obama pardon Jonathan Pollard?

Wait a minute--pollard should have executed???  AND snowden is a hero????  Plus pollard waived his parole hearing for this year.  Will be eligible again in a year.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Should Obama pardon Jonathan Pollard?

I don`t think I`ve ever called Snowden a "hero", what I have said is Putin should be suspect of any information they get from Snowden. Because I can`t believe that in this day and age the NSA, CIA is so incompetent that if Snowden was the real deal, he would`ve had a .308 cal placed in a 1" group in his brain stem.


But back to Pollard here`s what Pat says at a little over 11 minutes. 


see Pat thinks Pollard was on par with the Rosenbergs.