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bruce MN
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Re: Should Trump Run?

And you would propose what, specifically, be done regarding China?

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Re: Should Trump Run?

It would appear to me that we're at a crossroads.  We have two choices.  The first choice is to get lean and mean and try to compete with them outright.  I don't think the American citizens have the stomach for this because it would cause great pain especially in terms of wages.  The other choice is to get protective via tariffs.  Obviously, we have no problem with tariffs when considering some that we already have in place.  Maybe it's something even simpler like quality control when considering the amounts of toys and such China has shipped here with lead in the paint.  We're setting records in terms of deficit trading with China while our currency value is near an all time low.  What do you suppose happens if our currency value rises?  Free trade is a farce and will continue to be a farce because there will never be a time when all countries involved in trading are equals.  A lot of the stimulus dollars ended up in China because many of the items purchased for doing the projects came from China.  In some instances, the contractors doing the projects weren't even American contractors. 

Baldwin filters used to be an American made product produced right here in Nebraska.  Now, most of the Baldwin filters bought have stamped right on the side assembled in China or Mexico.  We still make some of the components, but it is cheaper to ship those components to China and Mexico for them to assemble and then ship them back here to sell.  Am I the only one that see a problem with that?  We're propping up their economies all the while sacrificing our own.  Free trade is great for the countries selling the items, but it isn't so great for the countries buying the items.  If China continues to manipulate its currency, then we must bring things back into balance.