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Should be impeached

Well folks, today's news helped me make up my
Trump meet with the Democratic leadership
(They are in the majority now).
The meeting didn't last long
And the take away....Trump will not meet with them
Untill they stop investigations.....

That rips it.

The ""president"" will stop all working with the Democrats....nothing will go forward....
It is now about HIM not THE COUNTRY.


he is not doing it, it is childish.....or worse, he think
He is above the law and people of the country.

If the later is true.....we have a serious problem
When we have a president thinks he is a king or

May I remind you....40% of the American people
Thinks he should be impeached.

That is pretty bad.

Ok now we can open the gates, and the that thinks
He can do no wrong will get on here and just
Have a fit....
But.....before you start to turn red in the face
And veins pop out of the necks.....oboma is
No longer you can't impeach him,
Along with all other former presidents.

And also not.....some republicans are also in
Agreement that impeachment should go forward.

Ok....turn the monkeys loose...before they have
A stroke
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Re: Should be impeached

(Well folks, today's news helped me make up my Mind.   Trump meet with the Democratic leadership   (They are in the majority now).
The meeting didn't last long   And the take away....Trump will not meet with them   Until they stop investigations.....)


Whatever gave you idea that the 116th investigative congress was ever planning on getting anything productive accomplished? 

You aren't one of the folks that believed Democrats, when they made made campaign promises about being productive, were you?  I hope you weren't that gullible.

Of course it's not surprising that you and the main stream / liberal media would now blame Trump for the 116th investigative congress' unproductivity.


(some republicans are also in Agreement that impeachment should go forward.)


Please list these "Republicans" that agree that impeachment should go forward?




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Wouldn't solve anything, would probably push more independents away from the Democratic tickets, especially after hearing more from the likes of those touting impeachment as the answer.


Impeachment is the process in the House that brings charges, whatever those might be -- the President remains in office until found guilty of the charges, by trial, in the Senate, which still has a Republican majority.  So, the House could impeach (charge), the Senate could acquit, and Trump could still be on the ticket in 2020.  And, in the meantime, nothing meaningful will get done, just endless investigations,  hearings, etc. costing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.


Bottom Line -- the House needs to do whatever the House needs to do, same for the Senate, to write, evaluate, compromise, and pass pertinent legislation to send to the President.  

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Re: Seriously?

Nothing but a bunch of cry baby's.

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Re: Should be impeached

I guess I was just as gullible as you were thinking
Trump was going to make things better ! some respects you are right, but the thing
That just sticks out....40% of the American people
Think he should be impeached....that is pretty
High for a fellow that has ""done nothing wrong""

The sad...and disturbing thing...yes the house
Could start...all the evendience presented, and
It could be that "beyond a shadow of a doubt"
That Trump is guilty....

WOULD the Senate throw him out....since he
Is a member of their party ??

So the question is....who is more dirty ?

The Senate would be no better than Trump...

And that is pretty bad.

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Re: Should be impeached

I don't know (yet) what the news was today that makes Trump "impeachable", though a poll certainly doesn't qualify.  Will read some "news" later.  My theory -- the drumbeat might be louder, but that doesn't make it music.


Still, the Constitution requires a two-thirds super majority in the Senate to convict a person being impeached.  Unless it's something solid, it's a waste of time and money, and does nothing but harm, mostly to those who brought the charges in the first place.

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Re: Should be impeached

A question for men's souls....if Trump did do
Something wrong....would you vote to impeach ?
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Re: Should be impeached

Sounds like we need a special prosecutor. Maybe some spies inside of the administration.

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Re: Should be impeached

Would you support Trump directing the FBI/CIA to spy on Polesi or any of the dem presidential candidates?

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Re: Should be impeached

Maybe Mueller needs to read the legally shareable portions of his report to them in person, make it a House story time.  Too much of all the House "investigations" do seem to be trying to re-hash or trash the work that Mueller has already done.