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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Simple law that would virtually eliminate murders.

To do away with murder, if a law that was enacted that would legalize theft and rape, there would basically be no murders.


If someone wanted a nice car and walked over to the owner of a Saab or say a Cadillac and said "Give me the keys! You have to give it to me cause I want it and it`s the law!"  the car`s owner would have to give the thief the car and by law could not resist, the thief wouldn`t have to threaten to kill the owner and the owner couldn`t defend his property. 


If a woman was walking down the street and a rappist wanted to have sex with her she would by law have to capitulate and give the rappist what he wants.  To resist would break the law and she would end up in prison.


There you have it, we could be living in a pretty much murder-free country, if we just made legal theft and rape.  Would you want to live in such a country?