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Re: Impeachment....DOA

and speaking of 2024...


Here's How Rand Paul Could Take the Presidency in 2024 - Being Libertarian


this was written before the elections, before the riot, etc. and the events since then have solidified Paul as the likely Trump successor. Ted Cruz has been diminished, Pence is lucky to still be breathing, and Haley hasn't done anything to elevate her credentials.

I like Randal Paul (the name is Randal, btw, for those that harp about the man being named after Ayn Rand). He is pretty much right on the issues, has a solid family life, and seems to have a vested interest in the future of the USA. My kind of guy.

Senior Contributor

Re: Impeachment....DOA

I voted for rand not trump in the 2016 primary, but the truth is had rand been president he would have gotten the same treatment as trump and he would have folded.

Senior Contributor

Re: Impeachment....DOA

Rand Paul, like his Dad once was, is the Cassandra of congress.

And much like the original Cassandra of Greek mythology fame, Senator Paul is also condemned to spend his entire life foretelling the future, but then being ignored by all who hear him.

No one really wants to hear the truth, especially when the times are so good and even more promised “stimmy checks” are on the way.

God bless America, I suppose. At least until our $27 trillion (and still counting) party is finally over.

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Re: Impeachment....DOA

Might actually win the nomination of the World's Largest Lunatic Asylum.

Would get destroyed in the general.

bruce MN

Re: Impeachment....DOA

You just earned both a gold star AND a Nemo sticker.

There is no other reason to be doing it.