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Senior Advisor

Single payer is on the table

I can hear the marxist progressives cheering from here. They are about to celebrate another sarment of their Almighty Big Government. Thou shalt support thy Government and thou shalt not allow anything to compete with it.



Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) even suggested Democrats talk about “what we  should’ve done in the first place — single payer,” he said, referring to a far  more progressive option for health care reform. Asked if Obamacare would turn  out loyal Democrats this fall, he said, “No, no, no. Not at all.”

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Single payer is on the table

You can always hope.  BTW, been trying to learn new words?

Re: Single payer is on the table

Keep in mind that it has been 10 years since the much more palatable then than now GOP won a National election. Will be 12 by the time the next one is held. I'd be wary of the demographics as they would pertain to mortality and coming of age.