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Skin tone

Light skin or dark, how it varies in different groups of people and why and how it happened.  

They are even figuring out how the light skin tone gene is found in South Africa too.


Skin color is one of the most obvious physical characteristics that distinguishes one person's appearance from another's. However, the trait itself, its genetic basis, and its evolutionary history are complex. Human skin color ranges, not just between dark and light on a single axis, but over a whole landscape of shades and hues. Even within a single region, like Africa, skin color varies widely among different populations. Fittingly, many different genes are known to affect a person's skin tone. Last month, scientists announced that a gene version usually thought of as a "European" gene, for playing a major role in explaining the light skin of Europeans, was also favored among KhoeSan, populations native to South Africa that have relatively light skin in comparison to many other Africans. How and why did these geographically and physically distinct populations wind up with the same snippet of DNA?


Amazing what evolution can do and now it is evolving elephants to lose their tusks (edited)


Poachers hunting elephant ivory may have met their match in one of nature's greatest forces: natural selection. In at least two national parks in Africa, where poaching has been a huge problem, most female elephants are now born without tusks. 

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Re: Skin tone

(Amazing what evolution can do and now it is evolving elephants to lose their trunks)


Polled elephants?


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Re: Skin tone

As my Christian high school biology teacher said "Evolution is living things change" and he told about museums in Britain than had suits of armor that probably only young boys would fit in today.  People`s diet improved and got bigger, I`ll add the refrigeration of milk and meat brought more protein in diets. Bigger parents, mothers create stronger fetuses in utero.  Babies with higher birth weights and C-sections and sanitary conditions have changed humans.

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Re: Skin tone

Didn't know elephant's trunk was made of ivory. I haven't seen any of these trunkless elephants yet.


Re: Skin tone

I hope this thread stays up just to illustrate ignorance. If you don't know the difference between a tusk and a trunk, knowing how an electoral system of election works would seem to be quite daunting.

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Re: Skin tone

(...If you don't know the difference between a tusk and a trunk...)


His link said tusk, not trunk - so it appears trunk was just a mistype, we all do that from time to time.


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Re: Skin tone

I haven't seen any of these trunkless elephants yet.


I edited my typo to correct it 3020.

Sorry it led you astray.


I believe it is correct in the article where it explains how the 'force' of humans killing them for the ivory has allowed those without tusks  survive and those with are killed.

it also discusses how it is the females that are changing and not the males and some of the reasons for this.