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Re: Slow down folks!

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It isn't  the current POTUS that worries me. It is, what appears to be Washington's Dr. Strangelove rush for America to do something. Oftentimes the decision to make no decision is the very best course of action. I only wish right now that the collective wisdom of the bi-partisan power elites in our Capital would simply choose to do nothing about North Korea.


[Ref: a) President William McKinley & the USS Maine's boiler explosion that became the battle cry of the Spanish-American War. b) President Woodrow Wilson, the sinking of the (ammo carrying) Lusitania and the slap hazard  justification he used for America's entry into WW I. c) President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and his telling of America's absolute necessity to escalate the Vietnam War, d) President Ronald Reagan and his ordered invasion of the tiny island of communist Grenada for God still knows what reason, e) President Bill Clinton's Balkan War for crimes of genocide that the rest of the entire world seemed curiously ambivalent about, f) President George W. Bush, and CIA Director, George Tenant's infamous intel fantasies of Weapons of Mass Destruction that led to the still ongoing second war with Iraq, and g) President Barack Obama's & Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's simply brilliant "lead from behind military strategy" to remove Khadafi from Libya without a thought of any possible unintended consequences ]  


"If the war had not managed to kill you, it was bound to get you to thinking."


George Orwell, reflecting back on the meaning of WW I and the 9 million men killed during the four year struggle.


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