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Small Christmas Miracle

My oldest brother (older than my by 10 years) actually WALKED most of the way across his room on Christmas day, by himself.  There were workers there, to catch him if he fell, but he made it.  Brought him to my Dad's place, for Christmas, and he is looking better all the time, more like himself.  I know the one doctor didn't give much hope, but the theropist said at the time of his accident, that anyone under 65 can regenerate some motor skills, and someone under 50, like him, often surprises even the doctors, if they are determined enough.

It was a good ending, to a good day.  Let's just hope he keeps getting better.

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Re: Small Christmas Miracle

Edit: Actually that might qualify as a

big miracle


Yes that sounds like one of the best blessings you could have received for the holiday season.  It's good that your family can appreciate that.


We have a little one that accomplished seven steps on christmas eve. Pretty soon Papa won't be able to keep up and she is not going to stay where I put her.


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Re: Small Christmas Miracle

Ah, Mr. Kraft, the little ones. Remember when every problem they had could be solved simply by picking them up.



Glad to hear this Neb. May the healing hand of the Almighty continue his progress.

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Re: Small Christmas Miracle

I'm happy for your brother's improvement and hope he continues to improve.