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bruce MN


The mad as he!! testy editor at the non-partisan site said that about this:


If you are left or right you'll find something to relate to.     i.e.  for the more right of center:


Even as the lords of industry and the prophets of socialism joined hands to defend the “scientific” rationalization of productive activities, the people forced their representatives to enact law after law designed to disperse power.




It's danged good.  Give it a shot.





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Re: Smith...."Read.It.Now"


I don't know if you saw this or not.


Mark Cuban making the fairly perverse argument that he hopes that Yahoo crushesFacebook in their patent infringement lawsuit.


Apparently he  doesn't like IT patent protection and hopes that it pisses everyone off who loves Facebook and is hoping and praying that it wil be the neext great "wealth creator."