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Veteran Advisor

Smoking gun

Well seems we have found it...

Seems the fellow in charge of

Relations with the urkraine

Come out at said u.s.

Money...unless you get me

What I want......

Dont you people understand that

Is wrong ????


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Senior Advisor

Re: Smoking gun

Or, just sayin', it could have been his impression or (mis)understanding, which is not the same as what was actually said or done between the actual parties.  The nearest thing we have to the actual circumstance was the conversation transcript/summary which has been released, the responses by the Ukrainian President which indicate no apparent problem with the conversation, and the release of the US funds to Ukraine without any additional action on the part of the receiving party.  

And, to clarify -- saying you heard that someone said that their neighbor burned down his house for the insurance money, is not evidence.  In fact, by itself, it is nothing but speculation.


Senior Contributor

Re: Smoking gun

Help me out on this.

Is this the 63rd or 64th “smoking gun” we have had since Donald J. Trump won the Presidency in November 2016? Sometimes you need a printed daily program just to keep up.

[File under: “And Trump, why he even turned me into a newt...but I got better.”]

Senior Advisor

Re: Smoking gun

All we know is what liar Schiffs says he said.