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Excellent movie. Oliver Stone toned himself down a little, was a lot more subtle.


BTW, as far as the politics go, and I think this is also confirmed in Citizen 4. Snowden said that the reason why he went back to national security work after resigning from the CIA- with an NSA contract outfit- was that he tought that things would get fixed when Obama was elected. Well.


Obviously it is all editors choice but the closing credits feature clips of some of the political figures of the day on the topic. So you have Obama speaking of the grievous harm Snowden caused our national security, almost the same with Clinton. You have Sanders in the first Dem debate saying that Snowden brought some important abuses to light.


And you have an audio clip of Donald J., probably bloviating on the Howard Stern Show, saying "we still have a thing known as execution."


'Nuff said. Nobody cares but made me a little proud that I voted for Jill Stein in '12 and stumped for Bernie this year.


Of course I have to admit to voting for Bush in '00- certainly may gravest electoral error and Obama in '08- nowhere as profound but still disappointing. And on that one- McCain/Palin- really? Doubt that would have turned out much better in this regard.

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Re: Snowden

As with most movies that have current political content, the people who need to see it probably won't.


Although in fairness I don't know why I would need to see American Sniper unless I was suffering from some form of sexual dysfunction that required some serious firearm action to rectify.