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Senior Advisor


the hostage negotiators got Dennison to take his finger off the detonator.

Now, does a $2K payment get through the House? Probably?

And then does Mitch let the Senate take it up or does he take the bullet to protect the GA candidates from having to vote on it?

I assume that Hawley and a few other Rs are yes votes so if it gets to the floor the filibuster would present a higher threshold to get it passed.

Might need a Romney or someone else who's bulletproof from QAnon primary challenges to handle that.

Probably best to just strangle it in the crib. Mitch has a great deal of experience on that.

BTW, as I've said, I don't think that $600 was even a high priority- further extension of UEI and support for small businesses was.

Recall that even the $600 was only included to help the GA candidates.