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Senior Advisor

So anyway,

back to the pimp with the Baptist co-ed string and the child sex trafficker* who previously represented a monstrous sex trafficker with lengthy ties to the POTUS.

And who died under suspicious circumstances in the custody of the POTUS' consigliere.

Now representing said POTUS.

But in matters regarding The Chosen One, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

*with considerably more evidence to support serious suspicions vs. the allegations recently put forth here against one of the Enemies of the Good People.

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Senior Advisor

Re: So anyway,

For the sake of gender diversity, Pam Bondi added to The Dream Team.

Before the Trump Foundation was entirely shut down as a criminal enterprise, Trump paid a $2500 fine to the IRS for a $25K election donation to Ms. Bondi that happened to coincide with her AG office shutting down an investigation into fraudulent Trump University.

I'm inclined to say that it reflects well on XX people that sleazy women are harder to come by than men but I'm sure they're out there and moving up in the ranks. But for the moment the super sleazy deep state beltway swamp operative game is mostly a male fraternity.

bruce MN

Dershowitz backing off

Saying that he is not part of the defense team.