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So did Putin kill Andy Breitbart?

Not personally, of course. Maybe he just got lucky to get major asset Steve Bannon in place to penetrate the back door of the consciousness of Boobus Americanus.


No Polonium 210 involved but the KGB developed myriad ways to kill people. The polonium thing was actually a signature to let anyone who went near the Moscow Apartment Bombings story know what to expect.* 


Bannon said to be in expat status, over in Europe, stirring things up. Seems likely that he is Person #1 in the Stone indictments- don't know if he'll make a run for the Russian border or not.


Quite a run for a failed screenwriter who'd dabbled in the meth and porn trades.


*the critical move on Putin's way to becoming the world's richest and most powerful individual. He is sorta white though, I'll give you that.

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Re: So did Putin kill Andy Breitbart?

Although if he's still free I wouldn't be surprised to find him in IA next year campaigning for Geert leKing.

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Re: So did Putin kill Andy Breitbart?

And Nox is back.