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Re: You have to be kidding me "KNAPPer"???? More Politics??? Let it go man.

  That sounds more like by golly and by gosh reasoning, at best.  Your education seems very shallow I doubt you have experienced dealing with seriously mentally ill people and these state institutions.  It is not so easy to get people committed, it must be taken through a court of law, police may be able to temporarily commit people for a few days of "observation", but doctors have legal liabilities and many do not wish to stick their neck out.  Parents may be able to have a underage child hospitalized, but once they are of age parents no longer have that right.   Talk to a lawyer, I know how difficult it was for some relatives to attempt to save their daughter, they did not get any help from the state to pay for her funeral either.


Re: So if he wasn't political as we all thought.... Where were his parents?????????

Allot of people with mental problem refuse any health care. A farm we rented had a person living on it that was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. The family that owned the farm had him living there far from where they lived because the guy just could not be around people. The guy would not take his medicine. The family tried to have him commited but a judge wouldn't do it. The family actually has a restraining order trying to keep the guy away from them. The nut is on some kind of disability. Needless to say we don't deal with that place any more. I didn't want to be one of those people who just ignored a bad situation, so I went to the sheriff and told them that eventually the guy was going to kill someone. They said there was nothing they could do. It's a legal system problem not health care problem.