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So if it's not income quite so much?

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Re: So if it's not income quite so much?

Some of you liberals won`t want to admit this out loud, but it won`t make it any less true, however.  To just flip switches and give credit or blame the minute a particular party gains control is foolish, but easy to do.  The economy is a lagging indicator of the policies, one administration may make sacrifices and things are straighening out and on the right path only to be "rewarded" by the voters in electing the opposition party.


I look at the Obama "phenom" as perhaps people get a raise, but their health insurance expense more than doubled, the national debt doubled, interest rates have been 0% for 8yrs that creates bubbles.   I mean you take a snap shot of right now, today the honky voters have it good and if there will be no cost of the sins over the last 30yrs, then yes vote in Hillary and continue whistling through the graveyard. 


Whoever the next president is, there is going to be a day of reckoning from past living unsustainably, high on the hog.  I almost hope Hillary wins so she will get blamed for the invitable.