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Esteemed Advisor

So if the Coward Caucus

manages to get out of town without a relief bill you gotta assume it is another GOP WWE plot device.

Dennison will then try to unilaterally do some stuff then dare the Dems to try to block them.

He can probably extend a moratorium on evictions on properties with Federal loans, but not the majority. He more than likely can't do a SS holiday unilaterally, or send out stimulus checks.

BTW, the recovery, such as it is, is about 80% a product of the supplemental UEI and stimulus payments, maybe 20% from the Fed's wild asset ramp.

The loss of that will be severely felt within 90 days. Perhaps even in the one metric the POTUS understands- the DJIA.

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Re: So if the Coward Caucus

Poor Kevin. The weight of the Nation on his shoulders.

You’d think the family had just flown off for Paris without him.


Esteemed Advisor

Re: So if the Coward Caucus

Pretty big gamble to think that the 8-10 vulnerable R Senators (and about 6 in particular) are aided by hiding and riding those size 50 Big and Tall coattails.