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So is he guilty of lying to Congress

when Congress wants to be lied to?


Giving him a little bit of a break, he had to come up with something on pretty short notice. Of course he ought to be locked up with a bunch of biker fairies until he decides to tell the truth but all of Washington in Place is merely relieved that he provided cover for them.


Bushies and Obamaites should both be terrified by this but they are pretty confident that " a brave and wise people" will support them.

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Re: So is he guilty of lying to Congress

So, who do you believe?

Yellow journalism, or NSA?

Re: So is he guilty of lying to Congress

The wisdom of this exceptional, brave and wise people will prevail.

Re: There Is A Difference ?

There is any difference now? The Department of the Media gets its march!ng 0rders from the same Mr. B!g as the G3s+apo workers do.

Re: So is he guilty of lying to Congress

   Do you believe those who were caught  with their hands in the 'cookie jar' lying to The People ? ?   It's reminiscent of Cheney's fellow criminals lying about  how torture protected the USA, when they got caught with their paws in the 'cookie jar'   How many times do you need to watch the government lie before you WAKE UP ??   


  They are all in it together, the powers that control whoever is playing the role of President and the block head.


   Apparently, by you calling the article "yellow journalism " you are going to "believe" what your flock lying excuses.    It is also  apparent you don't really understand the term "yellow journalism,it's just one of those terms like "socialist or communist dishonest and ignorant people use to smear someone.  It's just how vicious gossips operate. 

Re: So is he guilty of lying to Congress

I assumed he was being sarcastic.


Maybe not.

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Guilty of doing the wrong thing the wrong way

They can say whatever they want, but the main fact to remember is most Americans are against this type of comprehensive information collection even if it has produced results. Look at Obama's recent drop in approval ratings. The only thing saving Obama from a full blown shun is that there is really no alternative in mid term and that 40 something percent of Americans that still approve are basically ignorant of the issues at hand. It is probably a good thing this issue came up, but I suspect Congress won't be able to muster the will to come together and do something about it. The Red Sea has parted and will stay divided.


America has finally met technology issues and doesn't know what to do.

Re: So is he guilty of lying to Congress

The track record would indicate a lie.  Even the successful plots could have been prevented with regular police work.



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Re: So is he guilty of lying to Congress

Jerry Fletchers of the world, UNITE! Plus you quote a rightwing BLOG?
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Re: Guilty of doing the wrong thing the wrong way

Don't know where you get your numbers but what I read is that 60% of those under the age of 30 support the leaks and the leaker but 63% of 65 and older (no numbers on the in between bunch) support the NSA. Also, a contradiction it would seem, by a narrow margin those younger folks feel he should be prosecuted. Don't try to say that because someone supports something you don't, that they are just ignorant of the facts. That is ridiculous! I could very well say that you are ignorant of the facts also. It seems that every time something happens that someone doesn't like or believe, it becomes a govt conspiracy.