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So it wasn't the tax cuts

That caused all of the deficit spending, it is the incompetence of the IRS. They were so busy attacking Obama's political enemies they failed to monitor who receives the EITC. And to think there are actually people who want the same government to run health care and for the IRS to have a huge role in it's managment.



The IRS paid as much as $13.6  billion in bogus claims for the  Earned Income Tax Credit  last year, according to a report the agency’s  internal auditor released Tuesday  morning.

The  Treasury Inspector General for Tax  Administration said it warned the  IRS  in 2011 that it was making the erroneous payments, but two years  later the  agency hasn’t fixed the problem.

Over the last decade, the IRS  could have paid out as much as $132.6 billion in improper payments.

“The  IRS has made little  improvement in reducing improper EITC payments as a  whole since it has been  required to report estimates of these payments  to Congress,” the inspector general said. “The IRS acknowledges that  further  reductions in the EITC improper payment rate  will be difficult  to achieve.”


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Re: So it wasn't the tax cuts

3020, you know, the best way to fix this problem, will be to give the IRS more power, and a bigger budget, don't you?

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Re: So it wasn't the tax cuts

And there's even more corruption in the Farm Program,


We need to get Food Stamps ended,  the whole Farm Program ended.





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Re: So it wasn't the tax cuts

Jput, I brought this up before.   There are Liberals here who think that there isn't anything wrong with that, as long as they don't sell too many food stamps for cash at one time.

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Re: So it wasn't the tax cuts

It's all about lib DimRAT politicians buying votes with our tax dollars by giving out free food,  free housing,  free healthcare,  free cell phones, etc.


They got to keep these folks on the govt. poverty plantation for their votes.  Libs could care less about them,  otherwise.   And before the libs shout "raaaaaaaacist",  there's more whites on SNAP welfare than other races.    When it comes election time,  the poverty pimps round up the dependant class,  get them on busses and off to the polls they go.   This happens in the major cities,  this happens on Indian reservations,  etc.   A study of the voting patterns confirms this.


Libs don't give a **bleep** about getting these folks employed and off the govt. dependency nipple.