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Re: I'm prety sure that Iran will get the bomb

I didnt bother you when GWB unloaded on the iraqis leaving 200000 dead. The rest of the world advised against it being a war on oil.  They eventually muttered "I told you so". You never gave that much thought.

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Re: In the first place

It`s hopeless, Logic is not spoken in liberal jargon.

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Re: In the first place

@OKdon wrote:

The negotiations with Iran was Iran versus the community of nations. Russia China Britian France and the US. Most comprised of representatives of the UN security council. The negotiations was about nuclear proliferation and to prevent Iran from getting the BOMB. The security council focused on that issue and the sanctions imposed up Iran. There was plenty of issues to discuss but the US hostages were hardly important to the partys at large. Neither was the allatollahs dog wizzing on the neighbors lawn.


Who knows whether Putin or the chinese had a motive to settle the Iranian hostage issue. Some subjects merit the attention of the whole committee and others do not. However, I was a hundred% safe bet to wager that the GOP was going to reject the deal no matter what it included. Enough would never be enough because your sole interest was to deny Obama any acheivement. Obama should have demanded that china tear down that wall. As long as we are deciding some things lets decide them all. That sounds a little reaganesk. That should play well in gop lala land.

All Barack Obama wants is the destruction of Israel. He has now set the stage for the US to come to irans defense when israel defends itself from nuclear attack from iran. The question is not should iran have nuclear weapons. The question is do you support the destruction of Israel? When Israel attacks iran's neclear weapons sites what should be the response by the US?

Red Steele
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Mr. Obama's own words on the matter

Atlantic interview


The most striking thing I noted was the almost unbelievable belief of this POTUS in his own intelligence, despite failing in virtually every sphere of the presidency. 

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One last thought

I thought that 'sanctions' were supposed to bring Iran to its knees, willing to make any concessions necessary to get them lifted.  What happened?  Instead, we have a US President, who basically said that he'll take any deal he can get, even before tha negotiations started, and Iran will get billions of dollars that the US doesn't have, for a future promise to be good, or at least not as bad as they have been in the past.

Obama's plane didn't even land back in American soil before some in the Iranian leadership and government were refering to the USA as the 'Great Satan'.

On top of that, there were clandestine side deals, that even our own Secretary of State seemed totally unaware of.


Sometimes, no deal is better than 'any' deal.

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Re: In the first place

I have no interest in fighting Isreals wars. Nor to  beleive in arming or subsidizing Isreal. You won't even fight for americans and you will do most anything to disrupt our commander in chief! You are against diplomacy because you think compromise is a sign of weakness. You want to settle international issues with force of arms but you want to send someone else kids or grandkids to do it. In fact you don't even want to pay for the skirmish.

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Re: In the first place

Do you have info that NO ONE else has? How do YOU know what Obama wants? Hasheeversaidthat he wants to destroy Israel? What makes you think this agreement, which the US is only one of about 5 or 6 countries, means we would defend Iran? If Israel starts a nuclear war, I don't think we will much of a choice. Others, Russia and China will probably make that decision for us. That will be the opportunity for them both of them to go at us with full force.