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Esteemed Advisor

So people get addicted

to posting angry, deranged stuff just for the pleasure of blowing up the heads of the people they hate.

Others become addicted to attempting to refute those screeds.

I am solidly of the opinion that the reality based community does not (or at least didn't initially) hate the loons, but the same is not exactly true in the inverse.

Probably are achieving the the goal though, as all the wackos fuse into a single movement that threatens the Republic and civilization.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: So people get addicted

It is so easy to lose the thread.

Some cult members have actually departed fully into a fantasy cosplay world.

But most still know at some level that almost everything Dear Leader says is a lie as well as most everything bouncing around the echo chamber.

But the resentment and desire for full dominance by their tribe justify it all.