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So what is the problem in Sweden?

Socialism, liberal immigration policies, or muslim?



For years, Sweden – one of Europe’s most tranquil countries, famous for its attractive immigration policies and generous welfare system – has been accepting an influx of immigrants, which now make up about 15 per cent of its population. These migrants have failed to integrate into Swedish society, and are only in the country to enjoy the country’s social benefits system, Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist told RT.

“The problem is not from the Swedish government or from the Swedish people,” the editor in chief of Dispatch International said. “The last 20 years or so, we have seen so many immigrants coming to Sweden that really don’t like Sweden. They do not want to integrate, they do not want to live in [Swedish] society: Working, paying taxes and so on.”

“The people come here now because they know that Sweden will give them money for nothing. They don’t have to work, they don’t have to pay taxes – they can just stay here and get a lot of money. That is really a problem,” Carlqvist added.

“The police could do so much, [instead] they have told the public that they mean to do as little as possible. But they could go there and use water cannons, they could not let people out onto the streets at night. There are so many things they could do within the law – but they don’t do it,” she said.


Young Muslims who enjoy tolerance, social institutions and welfare while living in Sweden nevertheless refuse to integrate into the West, Gerolf Annemans told RT. Annemans is the parliamentary leader of Vlaams Belang (‘Flemish Interest’), a Belgian far-right nationalist political party.

“They [Muslim youths] have always sought excuse to show that they are not agreeing with the basic values of Western society,” Annemans said, pointing to the recent cases of the Boston Marathon bombing in the US and yesterday’s beheading of a British soldier in the UK.

“It’s always the same problem. There is a massive refusal by Muslim youngsters of the basics of Western society...  and they take any excuse whatsoever to show that with violence – that is where the problem is,” he said.

As rioting continues to rip through Stockholm, some claim the violence has clearly been orchestrated for ulterior motives, Lars Hedegaard, Editor-in-Chief of Swedish newspaper Dispatch International said to RT.

“Some people would like to gain recognition as stakeholder in society. In other words, there are people who would like to be in a negotiating position… that they can make things happen and go away. That they have power in local communities and should be reckoned with,” he explained.

“These riots in the country that are spreading and continuing for a long time that the [multiculturalism] success was a fiction, they never succeeded,” Hedegaard said.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: So what is the problem in Sweden?

The last 30-40 years civilized countries have really relaxed their immigration standards. Now this isn`t something that the people of the countries decided that they wanted, it`s something that the leaders had this great epiphany to do and it seems it was all western counties spontaneously, 35 years ago. The population was given great "gifts" by politicans and the borders were opened up by legislation passed at 1 am.  Phrases like "diversity will make our country stronger!" and "We were all immigrants at one time!" were recited as gospel.  Now in places like "Londonstan" you have individuals with a totally destructive set of values beheading soldiers right on the street.  It`s very obvious that "open borders did NOT make the country stronger".  35 years ago us "frogs slowly stewing in a pot" would`ve never willingly voted this hell over ourselves, but we voted for politicians  that gave us free stuff to enjoy and while we were playing with our toys the dregs of humanity were drug in from the 4 corners of the globe.