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So when you're prayin'

for those poor vicitms, are you like Kellyanne who is "really happy at times like these" because she gets a good talking point?


"We thank you, heavenly father, that an antifa* has created 27 martyrs who are, at this moment, at home in your bosom."


*oh whatever.

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Re: So when you're prayin'

(So when you're prayin' for those poor vicitms, are you like Kellyanne who is "really happy at times like these" because she gets a good talking point?)


Can you explain this dopey statement, or do you just know this to be true?


Re: So when you're prayin'

People who think they can wash away their NRA sin by pretending to pray are the sick ones.


gunz r' us

Gunz are the  #1 marker for the remaining Trump 37% although there are several accompanying covalent factors- race, traditional male dominance (which a minority of women also ascribe to), and "traditional social values".


Of course the people who fund all this stuff can afford bodyguards so they don't much care.


Kinda fascinating that Trump didn't even have to pose up the formerly requisite hunting pic although, granted, he was running against Clinton.


Pretty hard to figure effective policies now that we've saturated our 1st World Mogadishu with military weaponry. I think that current constitutional precedent would permit a tax on certain things beyond some level of lethality with the proceeds used to buy back those freely offered and to compensate gun violence victims.


Regardless, suggestibility and ideation seem to be key factors in the mass shooting phenomenon so I'd expect the pace to only pick up from here. There's gobs a plenty of that weaponry available, legal or otherwise, and one person in a million who's angry and unhinged enough to want to go out with a bang is a lot.


Internet culture is also a contributing factor- plenty of places to anonymously nurse a grudge.


there is precedence

since the $200 tax on machine guns still stands as law. Interestingly, that is the same amount as when it was passed in 1934 and thought to be prohibitive.


A $200 annual tax on 5 million assault rifles plus lesser amounts on various clips and accessories would bring in in excess of a $billion/year which would, in theory, buy back most of the supply in 3-4 years, assuming that many were offered. I imagine some would prefer to pay the tax and keep theirs, which would be ok although transfers would need to be registered.


The gun industry could freely sell less lethal weaponry to people who chose to so use the proceeds.


Contrary to urban legend, there is no originalist intent in the constitution protecting the ownership of heavy weaponry by those who seek to overthrow it.

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Re: So when you're prayin'

The NRA is not a sin. This great country was built on the right to self defense. The right to personal freedom.


Sick Lutheran puppy


"God's Will, and God answered the vicitms's prayers........because evil must win some before good can triumph." OMG.


BTW, if you're ever trying to console someone in your congregation who's suffered a terrible loss there is one thing you can say that is almost assured to leave them angry and estranged from the church forever and that is telling them that "it is God's will."


In this case there are even tougher crosscurrents than your basic cancer or car wreck because it also challenges the basic belief system that is central to belonging to The Tribe.



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Re: gunz r' us

The whack job was a democrat. Why don't you spend your time trying to ban them?

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Re: there is precedence

How about a $200 annual tax on liberal free loaders. The defecate would be wiped clean the first year!!!

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Re: So when you're prayin'

Tell me why do you need a 50 round clip ?

If you can't it in the first 5 shots, maybe you should
Quit ?