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Re: So when you're prayin'

That's what I figure.


When the zombie apocalypse comes I have 5 shells of #1 shot in the 12 ga and 10 rounds in the .22 and then it is over, one way or the other.


Re: So when you're prayin'

Which are locked up, so more than likely they're going to kill me in my boxers before I find the key.

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Re: So when you're prayin'

And I doubt you will ever have to get them out to protect yourself from zombies or BA's antichrist.

I don't even have any shells for the shotgun, will just have to rely on the 22 and the biggest I have had to use it on is a few cows and a donkey one time.

None of them were going to hurt me, I was just putting them out of the hurt they were suffering.

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Re: So when you're prayin'

I have to say I've been raised around guns.
As a kid used to shoot pop cans and tin
Cans.,.when you got a box of 50 .22 lr
For about $1 or a bit more.
My dad was an avid Hunter and had a few
Guns. A friend of his had a 9 mm hand gun,
And I shot it a couple of times. Both of
Us agreed it was useless. Most of
His was bolt or pump action. He always
Said if you could not hit in 3 in a row, quit.
He did have a coyote gun he got later in
Life, it had a clip, but he didn't like it, first
He didn't like the way it acted...second got
Expensive to shoot.
Understand, him and 2 hound dogs and a 22 grew
Up on a creek. He hunted just about every day
In grade school. He brought home alot of
Rabbits for meals.
When he and my grandpa were putting up
The sargo with corn binder, the one on the
Corn binder carried the riffle.
Both could shoot a flying phasant in the
Head with a .22
My dad never understood why anyone needed
A big clip, or an automatic.

What kind of gun store sells black bullet proof
Vests ?? If you use it for hunting, you
Would be buying orange and hunting vest.

Guess it depends on what you are hunting