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bruce MN

So while the cats are away?

Miller, Conway and Hicks are all on the Covid shelf. 

So did Larry Kuhlow and Stephen Moore siege the opportunity to slap together the asinine Tweet that Dennison posted re: relief?

They must have then left him alone for a few minutes as only a couple of hours later Fed. Chr Powell posted that significant stimulus is an imperative and through the fog he retweeted “Great!”

Not  sure Chechen and Chong or Timothy O’Leary could have fixed him up with some xxxx that could have strung him as far out as whatever cocktail his Whitecoats have got him on.


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Senior Contributor

Re: So while the cats are away?

This cracks me up. Democrats:

"With this covid1984 scare the Senate cannot meet for the ACB hearings"

"The Senate must meet and pass the houses relief bill,"

Veteran Advisor

Re: So while the cats are away?

What cracks me up, is you still think your whiney little brat of a president, is going to win.   

American knows.....and there is nothing Trump can do about it.....the tide has turned on Trump’s election chances.   All is lost.....and Trump himself is to blame.

 Republicans can’t win an election, without lying or fear mongering..... or voter suppression.