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So who is worse?


Well known to the United States policymakers in Obama White House and Clinton State Department along with the National Security Council but not widely known to American mainstream media, the U.S. West Point Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center document reveals that Libya sent more fighters to Iraq’s Islamic militancy on a per-capita basis than any other Muslim country, including Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps more alarmingly for Western policymakers, most of the fighters came from eastern Libya, the center of the current uprising against Muammar el-Qaddafi.

The analysis of the Combating Terrorism Center of West Point was based on the records captured by coalition forces in October 2007 in a raid near Sinjar, along Iraq’s Syrian border.

The eastern Libyan city of Darnah sent more fighters to Iraq than any other single city or town, according to the West Point report. It noted that 52 militants came to Iraq from Darnah, a city of just 80,000 people (the second-largest source of fighters was Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which has a population of more than 4 million).

Benghazi, the capital of Libya’s provisional government declared by the anti-Qaddafi rebels, sent in 21 fighters, again a disproportionate number of the whole.

If the 2007 captured records revealed the Eastern Libyan participation in the anti-coalition forces militancy in Iraq one could imagine the Banghazi-Darnah export of Islamists since then.

“Libyans were more fired up to travel to Iraq to kill Americans than anyone else in the Arabic-speaking world,” Andrew Exum, a counterinsurgency specialist and former Army Ranger noted in a blog posting recently. “This might explain why those rebels from Libya's eastern provinces are not too excited about U.S. military intervention. It might also give some pause to those in the United States so eager to arm Libya's rebels.”

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Veteran Advisor

Re: So who is worse?

So, is someone here or anywhere DEFENDING Libya?  What is it that you want this country to do?  What do you think our position is?  The people fighting against the moronic president there have already stated that they DO NOT want Americans on their soil.  We honor that request without even thinking about it.  I t seems that you guys were all over the bail-out saying that each company should take care of itself and if they can't then they fail.  Well, why doesn't that apply to countries also?  Can you spell OIL????

Senior Advisor

Re: So who is worse?

My position....We do nothing to interfere. Not even a VOTE in the UN,. We abstain. How long till US jets are killing Libyan civilians? No matter who wins they will hate us more than before. A no win situation so why put US lives at risk.

Veteran Advisor

Re: So who is worse?

I've said that all along.  Our ONLY mission in October, 2001 was to get justice for the attack on our soil.  Nothing else!  But a bunch of rightwingers called the Project for a New American Century decided and convinced bush to invade Iraq instead of continuously pursuing obl until we had him or his body.  We should have finished that job and then come home.  But these guys decided they want the middle east oil and to set up American style democracies all over that region.  THAT ain't NEVER gonna happen!!