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Social credit score?

like in China?


that's the best I can figure about people who keep linking lies and talkin' trash about a Red Wave.


They gotta figure that after the coup they're going to be rewarded with lucrative and prestigious positions as block Kapos, camp guards etc.

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Re: Social credit score?

You don't have to start acting all butt hurt have a whole day left before the BS you live by blows up in your face.

Live life one day at a time.

Hardly over...Georgia

Short odds say a runoff almost certain in the Gov. Race.


Becomes the “only show in town”.  Gives time for your O’Keefes and Wohls to set up shop.  Get the alt troops organized and transported. For the President to get down there and remind voters of how naturally “unqualified” one of the candidates is.


And, of course, time to get Kemp’s “hackergate” matter resolved.

coin flip, I guess

over that or rounding up the militia peeps and heading down to the border before The Caravan* arrives.


Could turn out to be a real cluster with the border agents, army and heavily armed Good People all falling over each other.


*I'm taking the view that Jesus is among this group of The Least of These. So if I'm so lucky as to be offered eternal salvation at least there won't be any Republicans there.

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I'd say this is the right place for this


It may be as simple as this: voters look at the two parties and decide that they don’t want the nation to turn into a gigantic seminar on race and gender studies.

The Democratic Party doesn’t have a platform, it has a curriculum. The party wants to instruct everybody how to think and act. You will be tested regularly on the correctness of your thought. And if you fail or object, say goodbye to your livelihood.


This year’s main gambit by the Democrats has been the niggerization of white people. Oh, did I say the wrong word? It happens to describe exactly what has gone on: the effort to make white people the object of contempt and loathing. You don’t have to look further than The New York Times and its hiring of Sarah Jeong as an editorial writer — after she was discovered to be the author of Twitter tweets that declared, “Cancel white people,” and “Oh man, It’s sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men,” and “***** ***** white people….” I’m wondering: is there any ambiguity there? By the way, a search of The Times website for “by Sarah Jeong” comes up absolutely empty, suggesting that they’ve published nothing written by her since she got hired. There’s a show of confidence in their integrity!



In the meantime, and even so, it is imperative to keep the Democratic Party from the levers of power. If elected, they will convert a necessary and inescapable Fourth Turning into a game show replay of the French Revolution, with overtones of the Spanish Inquisition. We have not nearly seen the end of how insane a society can become under duress. And the duress of living in a collapsing industrial economy is something that the world has hardly seen before. Why do you think so many people are opiating themselves into an early grave?




certainly had a bigger impact on the sense of rootlessness and despair in our part of the world but curiously, folks who still have a piece of that pie don't mention it.


It is all Crooked Hillary's fault. That other thing was just The Market and progress.


I'm seriously torn as to the chicken and egg nature of the Case-Deaton thing. There were other factors involved in the general decline in well being beyond changes in economic opportunity.


All of the graphs seem to start going bad around 1980- inequality, obesity, diabetes, premature mortality etc.

Re: I'd say this is the right place for this

Then the ultimate horror would be if there were a shift in power in a significant number of Statehouses and Governorships? Where these neophytes actually started legislating on meat and potatoes matters?


There does stand some risk of that. 

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Re: I'd say this is the right place for this

it's a shame that the Reagan revolution turned into globalization instead of federal government down sizing. That was a critical turning point.


It's hard to see the death of a Republic, and I fear that if I live a long life I will see things my parents and grandparents never dreamed possible in this country.

Re: like 1978?

As Puke pointed out recently, the American people are actually well to the left of where the elusive "center"

is supposed to be.


That's just a pretense by the MSM and punditry to avoid getting hammered from both sides- the left and the smaller, but louder, right.


And why flocks of douche-parrots are sent out to squawk about "communism."