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Re: Oh crap, Bartiromo gets totally spoofed by ...

Bruce, I tend to think the socialist caller was legit, because he didn`t answer the question towards the end where Rose asks him why he believes he will be better off under socialism.  None of you (liberals) ever answer that and neither did the caller.  You guys must know that the same cabal who was behind the 9/11 attacks and the JFK assassination, ect ...just some how if they have the "Democrat" label, things will just work themselves out for the best. 

You know the lyrics from The Who song "met the new boss, same as the old boss"?   Biden will let Mexicans in, kiss some China butt to keep Walmart stocked with $5 t-shirts and ban some of the guns of people that fly the "Trump 2020 No more bullsh-t" flags.   But other than that, Biden will be "new boss same as the old boss".  Oh your Jamie Oliver won`t have "jokes" aimed at Biden as they were towards Trump.

I pretty much know everything Smiley Happy , but the one thing that really confuses me is why some of you are willing to risk your freedom and family nest egg with flirting with socialism.   I ask you guys in every angle I can think of and get a Trump bashing tirade, but never an actual answer, just like the socialist caller to the Hannity Show. 

I`m thinking the real answer varies and is embarrassing, much like asking a blushing pubescent boy why he put a hidden camera in the girls locker room. 


Re: Oh crap, Bartiromo gets totally spoofed by ...

jimmy carter had his ten year old daughter Amy to cue him in on nuclear issues, we need bruce to share some more of his 95 year old mother's insights on contemporary American issues.

sad thing is, she probably is more on the ball than jobiden.