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Soda Pop and the NFL

Cook County repealed the soda tax.  Is this a temporary setback for the health advocates or an assertion by the people to let the working class off the tax revenue hook?


In the end, soda pop is taking a knock no matter how the tax comes out.  Maybe that's OK.


The NFL and the POTUS are in am imbroglio over the national anthem.  The answer is, of course, to not play the national anthem at every cow-pie kicking contest - save it for meaningful events.  The the NFL is getting hammered anyway.  The common fan can't afford tickets, stadiums are shown partially full, mothers won't let their sons (or daughters) knock their heads.  The NFL is going to hurt no matter how the anthem thing comes out, and they know it.  They are on the long downhill slide.  At one time, professional boxing was the pre-eminent spectator sport.  Now all they have is a fringe group of lunatic kick-boxers who are about as popular as snuff films.

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