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Re: Soda Pop and the NFL

So much to agree with in your post in regard to football.


Crazy thing may be though that it remains a pure obsession with a grand portion of a demographic that absolutely should be devoting itself to establishing themselves and charting out a personal future for themselves and any family responsibilities they may create. 


Couple of personal points, one from experience and the other from observation:


i really enjoy getting out on out on the golf course with friends a few times a year. Am not very good at it at all. But have determined that starting to play at 45-50 you'd have to have been a great natural athlete to be any good at all, and maybe not even then. But had I had any time or money at 20-25 and still retained whatever athleticism I ever did have I'd play a bunch better now.  Point being, just "hangin' " and finding yourself 35 with a great fantasy football league team might get you really late to the party.


The observation being that untold numbers of the most well grounded of our young female population has figured out that it's just as well to totally forego getting intertwined with their opposite demographic and avoid the disappointment.



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