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Senior Advisor

Solution to the capital punishment debacle.

If a state has capital punishment as the law of the state, then a bullet through the brain rarely fails. And if it does it must be a sign from the divine being that he has pardoned the evil doer.


Now the bullet to the brain should be administered by the highest officer in the state. The governor. There will be no waiting the clock out for an emergency response from the governor. Nope, he will be there because it is his job. And if he murders an innocent man it is on his shoulders. Not that action should be taken against the governor but his conscience must carry the brunt for a bad call.


It's time to end those fancy dancy executions. Bullets are low cost and almost never fail. Just tie the guy down and place the mussle at the back of the skull and say adios MF and pull the trigger.


OR in such states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and iowa they can let the assembled witnesses decide. Whether to give the firearm to governor or the evil doer. let them decide! lol

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Solution to the capital punishment debacle.

Better check your meds, Shifty. Advocating the assassination of four governors in a public forum is going over the edge, even for you. You may want to check with your attorney, too, to see if you have broken a law.


My advice would be to immediately retract and lay low for a while, maybe ten years or so.