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Solving crime

Got it.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s solution to crime in Chicago? Don’t use cash.

JB Pritzker solutions include confiscating guns from law abiding citizens, releasing those charged with second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson without bail, not arresting people for trespassing. 

Additionally Democrats led by Pritzker used 24 tax and fee hikes that will leave the average family $2,165 poorer. That should remove the disparity of the poor who previously were engaged in what was illegal activities to gain wealth.


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Re: Solving crime

(Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s solution to crime in Chicago? Don’t use cash.)

Yea, because apparently according to lori the moron lightfoot, it's your fault that you got mugged if you have cash - sounds kinda like saying it's your fault you got raped because you wore a short skirt.  Of course these criminals are still gonna beat you to within an inch of your life and steal your phone & credit cards, but lori the moron lightfoot saved your $10 bill.


Senior Advisor

Re: Solving crime

People continually trying to do things to make the stats look better without actually solving anything, except in these cases maybe prison overcrowding.