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Excellent discussion with a sharp guy from the U of Alabama.


Starts with a good joke:



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Re: Solyndra---energy---govt?

Thanks Bruce, it was a good discussion.


I am just plain weary. The game was lost a while back, we just haven't conceded to the fact.


This discussion has gone on for most of my adult life. John Anderson pushed for a gas tax in 1980, 10 years after US oil production peaked.


We didn't do it, the greater objective was to pull the Reagan Grand Bluff on the Soviet Union. Then after it worked we actually believed our own BS and embarked on 20 years of going absolutely 180 degrees in the wrong direction- bankrupting our country with debt to sprawl into a form that Kunstler terms "an arrangement with no future."


We are screwed and the squirrels are running in all directions.