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Veteran Advisor

Somalian "Barbie" fined $500. 

So basically you "steal" $6000, get caught, and get fined $500.....seems like a pretty good risk/reward ratio....not much of a deterrent.

I wonder what her constituents think of marrying your own brother for immigration law violations?

At least she finally did "divorce" him and marry the father of her four kids. 

How about it koolaid drinkers....does she represent the best and the brightest in your world?

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Senior Advisor

Re: Somalian "Barbie" fined $500.

If it were a conservative he/she would be setting in jail.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Somalian "Barbie" fined $500.

some more pretty damning stuff coming out on "Barbie". Guess she has been filing joint tax returns with the father of her children, while claiming her marriage to her brother as a legal marriage.....opps.

She seemed like a pretty unlikely liberal standard bearer from the getgo….odd how the fruitloops embraced her. 

My money says that she will be forced to resign pretty soon.....but if a Democrat governor can wear blackface and still stay in office, its hard to be all that certain.

Senior Contributor

Re: Somalian "Barbie" fined $500.

The Leftist media will carry the water for this Trojan Horse, as long as they can. Those Somalian invaders need to be shipped back to their S-hole, where they came from.