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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Some Saturday Good News

They won the Zika mosquito battle in one neighborhood.




Here`s a live shot of my favorite place, Jackon Wyoming, it`s a hit people really watch this and some dance across the street, the JH police chief even danced on one vid.  


I catch the show Longmire on Netflix, though shot in New Mexico, the show is about a sheriff in Wyoming.  Every episode has a murder or two and after the first season my Wife and I thought `Wyoming is such a wonderful place they can`t have all this crime`..well they don`t 🙂  Longmire`s Absoroka county about has more murders in one season than the entire state in one year.


Just a side note: Absoroka is a mythical county, but named after a mountain range. In `39 a chunk of Wyoming and I think Montana were going to succeed and become a 49th state, it never happened but very collectable license plated were made and everything. 



♫ Just a little is enough ♪