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Some Things That I Have Been Up To

Just wanted to let you guys know one of one of the political things that I have been up to lately.....  I have been very active in helping defeat our current very liberal state senator from our senate district.

One of the first things to be checked, after scouring over her hideous voting record, was to see if her name was a registered internet domain.....and sure enough....her being of low intelligence, it was not, .... in fact, many configurations of her name was not registered, so, guessed it, they got purchased. (not by her)

Now, her name has been made into a voter guide that shines a very bright light onto her voting record, for all to see.... including her efforts to surrender Iowa's Electoral College Votes to whomever won the national popular essence, giving Iowa's votes to California and other liberal bastions.

I am now in the process of spreading the website, which is simply her name, all over the blogosphere and to reporters all over the state, so that she will spend the last weeks of the campaign defending her abysmal record, instead of attacking her opponent with lies and half truths.

If a dumb liberal is too stupid to know that they need to acquire their own name on the internet, they deserve getting it used to put them on the defense.

Here is that website, .... see if you like it....

BTW, she is the wife of Iowa Supreme Court judge Bren+ Appe|, ... one of those activist judges that has been in the news, lately.