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Re: Some crimes harder to prove than others

Bruce Cheney and crew know they have a corrupt DC judicial system complete with leftist judges and a jury pool that cant be impartial. Its all kangaroo style courtrooms 

Hunter has his laptop in everyones hands (over 2 years) they know whats on it and what is not and no exoneration of crackhead hunter by the FBi state police of Delaware etc.. Its like Epsteins arrested Jons list's zero... the madam is convicted Jeff hung himself with toilet paper (1 ply) and no arrests🤡


How many Antifa kids arrested and convicted from the fiery but mostly peaceful riots of the simmer of love 2020???

Re: Some crimes harder to prove than others

“these jurist (Sic)”

Has a jury already been impaneled and charges filed on Dennison?

Are you saying that you know who the JURORS are in these other cases?  Might want to let the defendants lawyers know as they might use whatever you feed them to craft a mistrial ruling for the numerous. terrorists already convicted.  Just be careful how you do it. 

Senior Advisor

Re: "It's not fair", ...

The Proud Boys & Oath Keepers who were convicted of seditious conspiracy demand to be allowed to testify against trump. 

  "This ain't fair, he's way more guilty of sedition than we are". and they're right.


Senior Advisor

Re: "It's not fair", ...

LEADERS John Sullivan and Ray Epps were in front of them LEADING the charge. They being free tells us everything we need to know. The juries are tainted and there is no allowing for a change of venue. Banana republic tactics. These jurist also know if they do not vote the right way they will become targets of the FBI and DOJ. This is how trials are run in putin's russian and castro's cuba.