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Senior Advisor

Re: BA Deere, tell us about all your .....

 As for your argument that only 6 have died so far while 78 have died from the flu, the flu is widespread in the US, the coronavirus isn't widespread yet.  Wait until coronavirus is as widespread before you jump to conclusions.

No offense, BA Deere, but tell me about all your guns and ammunition after you get coronavirus.  Oh, that's right, you might be dead.

Veteran Advisor

Re: To be honest, I'm more concerned about ....

While coronavirus is spooking the markets to a certain extent without a doubt, investors are said to be shuddering way more at the thought of Bernie Sanders ever being POTUS.  Reportedly, even Florida's extremely large Cuban population says "No way" to Comrade Bernie.

So I believe the test becomes:

if the Democratic Party selects anybody except Bernie Sanders as their nominee and the Dow stabilizes...

...then we'll know what the market is more afraid of.


Chinese has implemented the strictest of brutal and inhumane measures to "stop the virus."  Here is an on-the-ground compilation of the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party.  They have welded people into their homes leaving them to starve, they catch people by the head with butterfly nets and beat the hell out of them, make them read on-camera statements on how their being out and about unmasked threatens the well-being of the world, etc., etc.

You will have to sign into Youtube to view it as it is restricted to over 18 because of the violence.


Influenza viruses and novel coronaviruses are two completely different entities.

This COVID-19 coronavirus' genome is said to be a little more than an 80% duplicate of the bat-SARS-like virus.

For anyone who wants to educate themselves on what a coronavirus is:

"Coronaviruses:  An Overview of their Replication and Pathogenesis"

"Reducing Mortality From 2019-nCOV: host-directed therapies should be an option"

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: BA Deere, tell us about all your .....

China has the most Covid-19 deaths and those dead people didn`t have the right to own a gun.  In other words, turning their dependency on a government didn`t protect them.  And in this country, you are assuming an awful lot that electing Democrats, who would take our Guns, would also better protect us from the Coronavirus?  

I believe that Covid-19 came essentially from people eating bats, 90% however I don`t rule out 10% that the virus was a Chinese military experiment that either got away from them or they let it loose on purpose.  If the latter is the case, that wouldn`t happen if the Chinese people had a free society which only occurs with a armed citizenry.