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bruce MN

Re: Some of the lies at Democrat debate.

Good job of explaining why you don't.

Polaris Racer
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Re: Some of the lies at Democrat debate.

So in your distorted mind it is me me me screw the rest of the world.

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Re: Some of the lies at Democrat debate.


No. Just you.

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Re: Some of the lies at Democrat debate.

Then keep the people over there and help them there. Make a safe zone for them over there. Not with American money only, though. But, keep the people in their homeland. 


Here is a piece from Steve Deace;

For those of you playing the "compassion" card, we have 4% of the world's population but already receive 20% of the world's immigrants. Our "compassion" has also gotten us $18 trillion in debt, 94 million Americans not working, fewer people working in the private sector than people receiving public assistance of some sort, and more people on food stamps than the total population of Spain.

Frankly, I am appalled to hear some Christians claim it's the U.S. government's role to show "compassion" by importing multitudes of people from countries who neither respect or share our way of life, and may include national security threats. That is shamefully-bad exegesis.

The government's role, Biblically speaking, isn't "compassion" but to bring the "sword" as "punishment against the evildoer." Christians making this misplaced argument here are guilty of the exact same flawed and wrongful hermeneutic that "progressive Christians" make when advocating for Marxist redistribution schemes out of "compassion." Each of you are asking the government to be an agent of something outside of God's ordained role for it.

Your job, church, is to show compassion. And "compassion" isn't tithing with other people's money. That's actually a sin, known as stealing. The costs of taking in all these folks foreign to our way of life is exorbitant, and we've already got more debt than we can afford anyway.

So church, if you feel moved to help those innocents caught in the crossfire, as most of these refugees also made in the image of God likely are, go volunteer for missions, relief work, etc. and perform your global role as the Church of Jesus Christ that transcends human institutions and boundaries like government. Do not reduce the power of the Gospel to the hands of the U.S. government, or any other for that matter. For that makes government God, and only God is God. Take the Holy Spirit with you when you go, and share the Gospel with those Muslim refugees in danger because their souls are in the gravest danger of them all.

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and render unto God that which is God's. And remember, that when God sent His people back to Israel following the Babylonian captivity, the first thing he had them do was build a wall.

Now go, and do likewise.

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Re: Some of the lies at Democrat debate.

Our compassion has NOT put us $18 trillion in debt!  Wars built on lies, deregulation of Wall Street and too many tax loopholes for the 1% has put us that much in debt!